Welcome to the Hawkeye Business Web (HBW) where instant internet access to selected data can be obtained in real time.

As a registered (HBW) customer or supplier, please click here to login or click the button below.

To register as an approved (HBW) user please send an email request to the following contacts. You will be contacted with a registration questionnaire for setup/approval.

Customers –  [email protected]         (Limit 4 users per customer)

Suppliers – [email protected]   (Limit 4 users per supplier)

Customer Benefits-

  • View shipping status of any order
  • View open orders
  • View inventory status of selected items
  • View open quotes
  • View sales history
  • View Accounts Receivable status

Supplier Benefits-

  • Review Accounts Payable status
  • Reply to Requests for quotes for parts, raw materials, and supplies